About Us


About Us

Legal advisory office Gołąb Okoniewski Ciesielski, is as a result of the organizational connection for law firm of legal advisors: Marek Gołąb, Radoslaw Ciesielski, Tomasz Okoniewski and Zbigniew Okoniewski. To meet the expectations of our Customers we have created a team of lawyers, which is able to deal with issues that require a broad knowledge and a comprehensive experience.

We are qualified, experienced and professional, as well as open in relations with clients. We provide services both for the enterpreneurs, in particular the constant legal services, as well as for individual clients. Our specialization includes civil law, administrative law, economic law, commercial law, criminal law, labour law and social security, judicial and administrative, bankruptcy, and real estate law.

Each issue is treated individually, in the selection of a team of trusted and experienced legal advisers specialising in the field of law. We pay special attention to the business goals of the client and economic optimization of the expected result. We work with law firms legal advisers and lawyers, as well as suppliers of financial advisory services, tax and credit.

The experience gained over the years by our legal advisers allows us to provide you with comprehensive services. Many entrepreneurs and individual clients trusted us. We invite you to familiarize with our offer.